Saving the Memories

I created email accounts for my two children. One is two years old, the other is two months old. They can use them for personal use or they can create an email address of their own liking but it's important that I save their names in an email account for future, professional, school related use. Another reason why I made the accounts is to document our lives. My dad would say, "A life worth living is a life worth recording".

I seldom write stuff down, my life is in my phone: photos, videos, important business contacts, you name it's stored in 128 gigs of memory. But phones are replaced every couple years and how much data can the Cloud possibly back-up. My phone is attached to me. Correction, I'm attached to my phone.

Nearly everyday I'm sending each an email. Pictures and videos are attached. They're not long emails. The content is a couple sentences documenting what they did that day, what words they say, first smile, how their grandmom is with them all the time and the funny stuff she does, how much daddy and I love them. I also try to upload videos to youtube as much as possible. The nostalgia that comes with looking back at videos from a year ago is priceless. I can only imagine how cool it will be in ten years.

It's something I would treasure had my parents sent me emails documenting my first years of life. Heck, email wasn't around in 1980! How long I'll continue sending them emails, I don't know. But it's something I hope my children will hold dear.


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