The Party Chronicles

I bought the domain in 2018 shortly after my daughter was born.  Unsure what to do with it, I kept renewing the domain name.  Do I start a mom blog, do I keep it as an unpublished diary, do I turn the dark into humor and begin writing stand-up comedy material?  The decision has been made! It'll be personal story telling chronicling my parties as an event planner.  I chose the website name because it aligns with my personal values, and love inspire give is right up there with my professional endeavors as well.

As an event planner, I love giving away the balloon garlands I create for dessert tables.  Most clients can't take them home because they're too big to transport, so I pack it up, post on social media and hold random computerized drawings.  Almost 50 people were in the last drawing!  I've been able to give away five balloon garlands since September 2019.

Ample time and energy go into designing them. My kids and I sit on the toy room floor and we go at it.  Blow up the balloons.  Put it together.  It takes about three days to put it together. So rather than throw it away, it brings joy to give one away and watch how it brightens up another party.  What people may not know is they last a long time, way longer than any helium balloon would last. You can get a solid 6-8 weeks of a decoration, add some fresh balloons and it'll hold up even longer than two months. Using premium quality balloons has a lot to do with it.

I got my start in entertainment in 1999 when I was hired as a dance motivator by entertainment companies in the Philadelphia area.  My job was to get people off their butts on the dance floor and lead them to shake what their mama gave 'em, mostly at Bar/Bat Mizvahs where the kids were my height and I blended in like a middle-schooler.  I'm 4'11".   The side-job put me in a different venue almost every weekend for nearly ten years.  My nine-to-five job was a radio and news reporter in Delaware which paid very little. But I have never worked for the money, I work because I love it. That's one thing my parents emphasized, "do what you love Natalie, and everything will fall into place."

I was a suit-wearing political reporter during the week, and an energized, no-inhibition dancer on the weekends. Quite the dichotomy when I'm interviewing Joe Biden at the Bellevue in Philly on a weekday and dancing a Bat Mitzvah the next weekend in the same ballroom. By the way, Joe Biden is good people.

Learning how the event staff works with entertainment, how the DJ works with the guests, how the MC works with the catering staff, and how the dance crew works with guests to maintain an energy level to elevate a party on the dance floor is job experience I never thought I'd use again.

 If there's anything to remember about party planning, your dance floor is the focal point of your event.  So naturally, I put my dessert tables next to or on to the dance floor.  As unexciting as politicians may be, THEY even end up on the dance floor with a podium in front of them. It's sacred ground, the place where love, artistic inspiration and giving can meet.

What's this blog going to be about? It will chronicle my parties and events, bring the humanity out in all of us, the part of us that wants to experience all that is good, all that is fun, all that is memorable. Oh, and Illiano Events is the name. We do parties and cool stuff for events. Pow, Parties On Wheels, is the character company I launched in 2007 as a princess company.

Stay True,

Natalie Illiano


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